Buying the Right Concrete Mix for Your Project

Undertaking a project that requires concrete is not always easy, and there are some things you need to consider. When you are buying concrete, you need to make sure you are getting it from a mixed concrete service that can provide you with the right material for the job you are working on. Not all concrete is the same, and using the wrong mix can fail the concrete later on.

Where to Get Concrete

When you are looking for concrete for your project or job, take a look around your area for a concrete company that offers custom concrete mixes. These companies allow you to tailor the concrete you are buying to meet the demands of the job so that your concrete lasts for many years. 

It is essential to work with a company that can mix the concrete and delivers it consistently if you are getting more than one truckload. The deliveries need to be on time so that there is no chance of the concrete changing properties in the process of the pour. If it sits too long, it can start to cure before coming out of the truck, and when you do pour it, the consistency may it hard to work with.

Concrete Mixes

There is no single recipe for concrete that works every time. Concrete is a mix of cement, gravel and sand all mixed with water to the right consistency for the job you need it to do. In most cases, some mixes are standard, but if you need the concrete a little wetter to flow better or a little drier to hold its shape better during the pour, the concrete mixing service can alter the mix as they are putting in in the truck for you. 

If pumping the concrete to the pour site is necessary, the mix is specific so that it can pass through the pump on the truck more efficiently. If the concrete mix is too thick, the material will not flow through the system and could even damage the concrete pumper. 

Altering Cure Times

When you are working with concrete, there may be a time that you need it to cure faster, like in the wintertime, when the water in the mix can freeze. Altering the mix on the concrete can accommodate that, and the mixing service may add more cement to the mixture or an additional chemical like calcium chloride to the concrete. If you are pouring during cold weather, it is critical to address that with the concrete mixing service because concrete that freezes during the pour will lose much of its strength and likely crack or break as a result.

For more information about mixed concrete, contact companies such as R. Pepin & Sons Inc.

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