A Guide to Concrete Drilling Projects

Having the right precision tools for the job is essential if you are considering drilling concrete. These concrete drills, either wet or dry, are fitted with the highest quality drill bits and are used in everything from construction and demolition to industrial foundations, municipal piping, and foundation repair work. Since the concrete industry is valued at more than $60 billion, it only makes sense to familiarize yourself with concrete drilling. 

Below we'll discuss what to look for in a concrete drilling service, how to design your project, and more. 

Get to know the ins and outs of concrete drilling and how it can serve you

You should take the time to address concrete drilling services when you need them. This work takes special engineering and the most meticulous measurements. Concrete drilling is useful because it helps you optimize your structure. People drill in concrete for a number of reasons — including providing better access to utilities, providing ventilation for foundations or other structures, and getting the best from sewage services. 

Start designing your concrete drilling work with the help of a pro

Concrete drilling projects are all different. Some of the many concrete drilling projects that happen all the time include repairing manhole covers and sewer lines, creating plumbing drainage systems, and maintaining the structural integrity of walls and other structures in your home. Ask the professionals what kind of drill they will use — which may be contingent upon the depth and type of hole they need to drill. 

They will also need to consider the kind of project that you are putting together. The tools and methods that you use for electrical work might be different than what you would need from a dust extraction project. 

Follow up with professionals on this work to ensure it is addressed correctly

The price for this service can vary depending on the depth and what kind of tools and labor are involved. Get the permits that you need and make any zoning changes well in advance. Ask for your price quote in writing, down to the cost of the drill bits that are used during the project. 

Set up meetings with about four different concrete drilling contractors that are licensed and insured and ask to see examples of their previous work. Get a few different opinions and make sure that you eventually choose a professional that has great service and an upstanding reputation. 

Use these tips so that your concrete drilling services are effective. 

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