Steps For Using Ready-Mix Concrete For Your Paving Project

For individuals who are needing to pave surfaces, ready-mix concrete can be an effective option to use. However, if you have never used these products in the past, you may not be aware of what is needed to effectively use them for your paving project.

Add Water Gradually To The Mix

A very common mistake that people will make when using ready-mix concrete will be to add far too much water to the mix. This can severely impair its performance and may make the pavement far more vulnerable to cracking for its entire lifespan. While you are adding water to the concrete mix, you should do this very gradually until you have added the recommended amount of water to the concrete mix. This may cause this part of the process to take slightly longer, but it can be worth it to avoid the most common reason for the concrete mix encountering performance problems.

Ensure The Frame Is Stable Before Pouring The Mix

The frame that will hold the concrete mix is a part of the project that will be easy to overlook and neglect. However, it can be essential for ensuring that the concrete mix will retain the desired shape when you pour it. When individuals fail to properly secure this frame before pouring the mix, they may find that the weight of the concrete is enough to cause their frame to come apart or shift positions. This is due to the immense weight that the wet cement will have. When preparing the frame, it can be necessary to use extra nails or construction staples to hold the planks of the frame together. Even frames that are partially buried will need to be secured in this way as the planks can still shift position when the cement is added to it.  

Spend Time Smoothing The Surface

Individuals that are pouring concrete for the first time will often underestimate the amount of smoothing that will be needed once it has been poured. Failing to smooth out the concrete can impact its appearance as well as potentially create functional problems for it. This can be due to the small ridges and dips that can be left in the cement as they will allow for water to puddle. As it puddles, it will soak into the pores of the concrete where it can damage it. By thoroughly smoothing out the cement while it is still wet, you can reduce these potential risks from occurring.

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