4 Ways That You Can Use Straw Bales

Straw bales are affordable and versatile because those who buy them can use them in many ways. If you are thinking about buying some straw bales, consider trying out some of the different ideas below with them.

Help Put a Stop to Erosion in the Garden

No one wants to find erosion going on inside their garden, but it happens quite easily due to water runoff that occurs after rainstorms. If preventing erosion is of importance to you, buy straw bales and use them in your garden. You can create a large dam in your garden using the straw bales to create a blockage that keeps erosion from occurring. It is an affordable and simple way to deal with such a common yet annoying issue.

You Can Use the Bales as Bedding for Some of Your Animals

If you have some animals living on your land, you might want to buy plenty of straw bales for sale to use as bedding for these animals. Straw bales provide comfort and better insulation for many animals, including horses, goats, and cows. The animals might even enjoy eating some of the straw while they are surrounded by it.

They Come in Handy as a Seating Option for Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Anyone who plans on having an outdoor wedding reception knows that they will need to rent seats for their guests to sit on, but this can cost quite a bit of money. If you or someone you know is planning to have an outdoor wedding reception, consider using the straw bales as seats. Straw bales are sturdy enough to provide support without collapsing when people are sitting on them. You can even add cushions or covers to them to make the seating look better.

You Can Use Them When You Want to Start Growing Vegetables in Your Yard

If you would love to start growing vegetables in your garden, you should have plenty of straw bales in your yard. The bales encourage the growth of certain vegetables when seeds are planted, including tomatoes, assorted peppers, and potatoes. You may have more success growing some of your favorite vegetables if you are using straw bales inside your vegetable garden.

These are four great ways to use straw bales. If you buy them, you can use them for erosion control, animal bedding, seating during an outdoor wedding, or planting your favorite vegetables.

To learn more, contact a straw bale supplier.

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