Are You Establishing A Large Play Area At Your Country Home?

Did your dream finally come true of having a home in the country? Maybe you want to raise your children in the middle of nature. Or, it might be that your grandchildren are the ones who will have the fun of living at Grandma and Grandpa's country house.  Besides the fun of exploring nature, perhaps you also want to add concrete surfaces to provide other forms of fun. If so, keep reading for some ideas that might help you.

Make Your Own Design - Before you call a concrete contractor, think of sketching out a plan of what you want him or her to create on our large acreage.

For instance, do you want a large concrete area that will be used mainly for the younger kids to ride their tricycles and other riding toys? Maybe you want to establish an entire basketball court for the older kids to use. Will you go the extra mile with a concrete section for kids to play tennis on? If your land has hills, think of having the concrete contractor create an intricate bike trail that includes the hills for added fun.

​Get Ideas From The Contractor - Even though you have your own ideas for how to add fun to your country property, the concrete contractor might have some other ideas for you to consider.

For instance, your kids or grandkids aren't the only ones who would enjoy having a patio with outdoor furniture. If you go with the patio, the contractor might suggest that you include an outdoor fireplace, too. He or she might design a patio and a fireplace that uses bricks or flagstones to enhance the concrete. Think of also including an outdoor kitchen as part of the patio design.

Concrete pavers that lead from one area of your land to another area would be a simple addition to everything else the contractor is doing. Choose traditional concrete pavers, or go with something whimsical like frog pavers or flower pavers. 

It's true that you're about to spend a lot of money. However, the concrete work will last for a very long time. In addition, it will be super easy to take care of. Just wash it off with the water hose. For that matter, give the kids water hoses and let them get all wet while they're doing the cleaning up job for you. 

Contact a concrete contractor like those at Sunny Concrete Services LLC for more ideas. 

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