Concrete Patio Slab Preparation And Installation Tips For A Successful Yard Improvement

Concrete is a solid and stable surface that provides your property with an improved look and expands the area's usage, as it keeps down dust, dirt, and mud. You can install your own concrete pad all yourself or with the help of a local concrete supply company for the supplies and also the labor. Whether you are doing all the work yourself or hiring out a professional concrete crew, here are some helpful tips to prepare for the installation of your concrete patio slab to improve your property's use.

Plan Your Concrete Parameters

When you know you definitely want to install a concrete patio in your yard, you can begin to make preparations to prepare the site for its construction. Some areas require you to have a building permit, so check with your city's building code office. They will help you apply for any required permit and will advise you on the building regulations for your area. Even if you are hiring a concrete company to deliver and pour the concrete, your preparation can necessitate a building permit, and you will need to get it beforehand.

For example, the building code office can let you know if you need to keep your concrete pad away from your property line by a minimum distance or if you need to install a specific amount of gravel base for the foundation. Keep in mind that some soils do require a good layer of drainage gravel or sand to keep the concrete slab stable and improve drainage capacity below the slab, so any requirements will be for your benefit.

Prepare the Site

When you have any required building permit, you can begin the construction of the foundation for the slab. Remove any existing soil to make room for the foundation and the slab so it does not sit too high upon the soil. For example, if you want the concrete to be flush with the surrounding soil, you will need to excavate enough soil for the gravel layer and the pad's thickness. You also need to remove soil in an area several feet longer and wider than your concrete patio to allow for the form placement.

Also, consider for the concrete supplier truck when they deliver the concrete to your property. They will need to be able to access the installation site either by wheelbarrow or extending the concrete chute from the truck.

Calculate Your Needs

Ordering your concrete from a concrete supplier will make the job easier and more successful, especially for a larger concrete slab project. Your local concrete supplier can help you estimate your concrete needs so there is minimal waste and you have enough to finish the job with one delivery. This will also help you avoid having to mix bags of concrete mix one at a time and prevents a variance in your mixture batches. You want the concrete to have the same consistency for a solid finished slab.

For more tips, reach out to a concrete company in your area.

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