Having Sections Of Your Concrete Surfaces Cut

There are many projects that may require having sections of concrete cut and removed. While it is possible to cut through concrete surfaces, it will be a specialized task that will require unique tools and training for professional contractors to be able to do.

How Will Your Concrete Be Cut?

One of the most common methods for cutting through concrete will be using a specially designed concrete saw blade. This blade will be able to cut through the concrete as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, some individuals may assume that this is simply a standard saw blade that is used during this process. However, attempting to cut through a piece of concrete with a standard blade is far more likely to result in the blade breaking and potentially causing serious injuries. Additionally, it may be possible to use a hydro cutting system for the concrete, but this will largely depend on the thickness of the concrete as well as whether or not it has rebar in it.

Is It Possible To Cut Through Concrete That Has Rebar In It?

A person may assume that concrete that has rebar in it will be unable to be effectively cut through. While the metal rebar in the concrete will be extremely strong and difficult to cut through, it is possible for a concrete cutting service to do this. By utilizing a saw blade that has a diamond tip, they will be able to effectively cut through the rebar. Due to the difficulties of cutting through rebar, you should be sure to let any concrete cutting services know ahead of time if you suspect that there is rebar in the concrete. If you are unsure as to whether rebar is present, the concrete cutting service may be able to use metal sensors or other tools to determine whether these bars are in the concrete.

Will It Be Difficult To Dispose Of The Cut Section Of Concrete?

Once the concrete has been cut and removed, you will need to dispose of the cut section. This can be a challenge due to the weight of the concrete as well as its potentially large size. These two factors may make it impossible for you to move the concrete to the landfill using your personal vehicle or truck. Concrete cutting services can help individuals by providing disposal services for the sections of concrete that they have cut and removed. In fact, many of these services may even be able to arrange for the concrete to be recycled.

To learn more, contact a concrete cutting company.

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