4 Ways A Concrete Contractor Can Improve The Appearance Of Your Driveway

If your concrete driveway is discolored, cracked, uneven, or has surface damage, its appearance may detract from the curb appeal of your property. Your driveway might be an embarrassment, but you may not have to live with the problem or have a new driveway installed. A concrete contractor might be able to restore your driveway so it has an attractive appearance and lasts for many years. Here are four things a contractor can do to improve the appearance of your driveway.

1. Fill In Cracks And Holes

If the concrete just has small cracks or tiny holes, you might be able to fill them in yourself with crack filler. However, if there are several cracks you need to fill, the end result may not look attractive since the filler has a different color from aged concrete.

While filling a few areas of damage might not be too noticeable, repairing widespread damage is a job left for a professional so the finished job looks attractive. Besides filling cracks, the contractor may need to finish the work by adding an overlay to give the driveway a clean, fresh look.

2. Repair Damage Under The Concrete

Before your contractor attempts repairs, they'll probably want to find the reason for damage. If the base under your driveway is shifting, or if tree roots are burrowing under the concrete, those problems need to be fixed or the repairs may not last very long.

It may not always be possible to repair a driveway. In some cases, the contractor may need to tear out the old concrete and fix the base before pouring a new driveway.

3. Resurface The Driveway

Resurfacing can make your driveway look new. That's because the contractor pours new concrete on top of the old concrete to give the driveway a new surface. This gives you the chance to stain or stamp the surface and have a decorative driveway that enhances your property. Resurfacing hides discoloration and damaged areas, and it can extend the life of your driveway.

4. Even Out The Concrete

A common problem with a concrete driveway is when it becomes uneven. A slab may sink below or elevate above the slab next to it. A slab might sink due to drainage problems, so the contractor may need to improve drainage along with making repairs. A slab might elevate if it's lifted by tree roots, and the contractor will have to deal with this problem too.

Sunken slabs can be elevated by pumping slurry or expanding foam under the slab until it's even. Elevated slabs may need to be trimmed with a concrete saw to even out the driveway.

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