How A Concrete Contractor Might Approach Repairs Of Your Old Or Damaged Driveway

If the driveway on your property is cracked, sunken, and past its prime, call a concrete contractor to assess the condition of the concrete. A concrete driveway might last a few decades, but a lot depends on the weather and how the driveway is used. If your driveway is used by heavy trucks, it might wear out sooner. Here's a look at when a concrete contractor might be able to make repairs and when a new driveway might be needed.

When Part Of The Driveway Has Sunk

A sunken driveway isn't good because water will pond on the sunken area and lead to more damage. The contractor might be able to lift the sunken part of the driveway and save you from having to replace the concrete. Lifting concrete entails injecting foam under the slab. The foam expands and lifts the concrete as it does so. The contractor is precise enough to leave the slab level once it's been raised.

If lifting the concrete isn't an option, your contractor may recommend cutting out and replacing the sunken part or replacing the entire driveway. The decision depends on the age of your driveway, the condition of the base, and the condition of the concrete.

When The Concrete Has Cracks And Other Damage

A damaged concrete driveway can be repaired sometimes as long as the damage isn't too bad. Ideally, you'll keep up with repairs and have cracks filled before the cracks widen. Once cracks are too large or when your driveway is covered with damage, the contractor may need to replace the driveway rather than attempt repairs.

To replace the driveway, the contractor has to break up the old concrete and haul it away. After that, forms are put down to contain the concrete when the concrete is poured on top of the base. Replacing the driveway could be just a matter of replacing just the concrete as long as the base is in good shape.

The Base Is Damaged Or Has Poor Drainage

A driveway that has issues with the base will probably need to be replaced. In addition to removing the old concrete, the contractor might have to build up the base and improve drainage. When finished, the driveway will be new since both the base and concrete are repaired or replaced.

If the base is bad in a localized area, it might be possible to tear out a small part of the driveway and make repairs rather than having to put in a whole new driveway. However, the concrete contractor may need to consider the age and expected lifespan of your driveway along with your budget when recommending the type of work to be done.

For more information, contact a local concrete contractor today.

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