Why A Slab Saw Is The Right Choice For Concrete Street Cuts

If you have a need to break up, remove, or otherwise reorganize some concrete street pavement, your first decision will be to decide which tools or service you wish to use to get the job done. A jack hammer is often seen as a useful tool for breaking up concrete, but what if you only want to cut the concrete so you can reposition the pieces and not hammer it into tiny pieces? A concrete slab slaw might be the tool you are looking for. Here's why you should invest in a slab saw or hire a local concrete slab cutting service in order to cut your concrete.

Much Lower Risk of Damage to the Surrounding Area

Most tools typically used for breaking apart concrete result in the concrete crumbling into bits and pieces. The sheer force of a tool like a jackhammer sends out heavy vibrations and it's quite possible that the concrete won't be the only thing that feels the impact. If you need to remove concrete from the street but there are other structures nearby, you don't want the tools or service you use to risk damage to those structures. A concrete slab saw is much more precise with where it puts its energy, sparing any surrounding structures from harm.

Slab Saw Cutting is More Economical

When you use a jack hammer to remove concrete, you'll likely need to pour new concrete to replace it, and that can get expensive. But if the concrete itself is still in good condition and just needs to be temporarily re-positioned, a slab saw service is the clear choice. Cut the concrete correctly and you won't have too much additional work to put it all back together, likely saving you money in the process.

Cut with Precision, Lift, Replace, Repeat

A concrete slab saw or saw service allows you to cut your lines into the pavement exactly where you want them. If, for example, you want to get underneath the concrete to access a sewer pipe, a slab saw will allow you to precisely remove the exact portion of concrete that you need to lift up, and will leave it in one piece so that it can be put back into place on top of the pipe after the work is complete. If you need to lift multiple sections of concrete, a slab saw will allow you to cut lines wherever they are needed so you can quickly lift the concrete and then repeat the process.

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