Reasons To Hire Concrete Cutting Services

If you're undertaking a renovation project, you'll likely need to remove some of the concrete before you can restructure the space as you envisioned. Demolishing sections of a building without compromising its stability is a project only a trained professional can correctly execute.

Therefore, you should add concrete cutting specialists to your team because they have the tools required for such a task. Concrete cutting services specialize in precise concrete removal that doesn't result in breakage. Continue reading to learn instances where you'll need to work with a concrete cutting company.

Opening a Wall

A remodeling project that requires you to open some walls is a delicate one because you might end up compromising the stability of a load-bearing wall. Therefore, you need to proceed with caution to ensure you don't make a mistake that would make your building's structure susceptible to collapsing.

Hire a concrete cutting service specializing in wall sawing to ensure you make precise openings that don't result in collateral damage. Regardless of the thickness of the wall in question, a concrete cutter will have the right equipment to slice through it without causing cracks in the surrounding areas.

What's more, the concrete sawing machines concrete cutters use are integrated with water pumps that minimize the dust produced during operation.

Making a Hole Through a Concrete Surface

Another instance where you would need the services of a concrete cutter is when you want to make a hole through a concrete surface. Concrete cutters use a core drill to cut out a cylindrical piece of concrete and safely extract it without causing any damage to the surface.

A motor rotates the diamond-coated drill teeth to produce fast circular motions to achieve precise cutting. Partnering with a concrete cutting company for your renovation project allows you to preserve the structural integrity of your building.

Demolishing a Reinforced Concrete Wall

If you want to knock down a reinforced concrete wall, traditional demolishing techniques might not be the best way to go about it. This is because using impact would result in rough edges which don't align with your measurements.

Allowing concrete cutters to use wire saws to pull down the wall ensures the concrete obstacle is carefully removed, leaving you with smooth edges to work with. Regardless of the angles you want the edges to have, concrete cutting services have the technical know-how to execute the job as per your instructions.

Engaging professional concrete cutters during your renovation project ensures you preserve the structural integrity of your building. Consult with experienced concrete contractors to find out the concrete cutting services you need for your project. 

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