4 Signs You Need Commercial Asphalt Paving Repair Services

Unappealing commercial asphalt paving harms your curb appeal and can damage vehicles. However, with prompt broken asphalt paving repair, you keep your property in good shape for a long time. Here are four signs that you need commercial asphalt paving repair services.

1. Warps and Buckles

Wavy sections on your commercial asphalt paving occur because of a compromised or insufficient base. The compromise could be due to a failure to repair cracks early or insufficient subgrade. The problem worsens if heavy vehicles like tractors and trash trucks frequent your premises.

Further, your subgrade becomes unstable when water enters buckled and warped areas. So, you'll need commercial paving services to restore your pavement's structural integrity. Often, contractors will remove the affected subgrade to upgrade your asphalt pavement.

2. Cracks and Crumbled Edges 

Crumbled edges usually show that people drive too close to the edge. The crumbles can spread from the edge to other surfaces if not repaired or sealed. Cracks can signify foundational problems or indicate that your commercial asphalt paving has started to go out of service.

Cracks are usually repaired via a full-depth or patch-up method. However, if the damage is extensive, you will need a full-depth replacement of the affected area. Finally, you may need a costlier paving replacement if you delay repairs.

3. Poor Drainage

Drainage issues happen when deep cracks allow water to travel beneath the surface and destroy the foundation. An indicator of drainage issues is when you have pools of water that don't seem to drain off. If you notice that you have water pools, seek immediate commercial asphalt paving services.

Constant moisture is a severe threat to your commercial asphalt paving binder. So if you notice puddles on your asphalt surface, don't hesitate to contact your professional. Otherwise, you risk more significant problems such as potholes and cracks.

4. Stains and Faded Patches

Frequent use and UV rays can turn your asphalt pavement from black to gray as time passes. Faded commercial asphalt paving isn't only a cosmetic issue but could signify a weakened surface. Stains from motor oils and other chemicals can also compromise the protective layer of your asphalt. As a result, your commercial asphalt paving becomes more vulnerable to deterioration.

Clean up stains immediately to prevent long-term structural damage. For faded patches, request a technician to seal coat the surface. That way, you protect faded areas from more extensive garbage.

Commercial pavement problems could present ADA compliance issues that attract fines or legal lawsuits. So, timely commercial asphalt paving repairs aren't just about aesthetics and performance. Instead, the services present a more professional face for your business and prevent legal consequences.

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