Building A Slab For A Fire Pit Could Be A Fun DIY Project That Also Improves Fire Safety

If you like to undertake home improvement projects, you might want to build a slab for a fire pit yourself. Fire pits are relaxing and fun, but they can also be fire hazards. Local codes may apply to how close you can put the pit to your house and nearby trees. 

It's also important to consider what the pit rests on. A concrete slab is ideal since it's fireproof and provides a level and solid surface for chairs and tables. Here's an overview of putting in a concrete slab yourself and working with a concrete delivery contractor.

A Slab Needs A Level Base

Building the base for the concrete to be poured on is the hardest part of the job. It could take a few weekends to get the work done as a DIY project. You'll need to remove plant growth, add soil and aggregate, grade the soil, compact the soil, and add metal mesh or rebar.

Build A Frame Around The Border

When the base is ready, it's time to build the frame. The frame is essential because it holds the concrete in place when it's poured. The frame creates the boundaries of the slab and gives you a final chance to approve the size and location of the slab before the concrete is delivered. You want the base to be finished and the frame in place before the concrete delivery service arrives so the base is ready for the concrete work to begin.

Order The Concrete Delivery

Concrete projects need to be completed during ideal temperatures so the concrete cures properly. Schedule the delivery for mild weather. The company may advise you to wait if the night temperatures will drop below freezing or if daytime temperatures are excessively hot.

You'll need to know the dimensions of the slab so you can calculate the cubic yards of concrete you'll need. You can let the concrete delivery company make the calculations, but they'll need to know the length, depth, and width of the slab. The concrete delivery company can also choose the right formulation for the concrete based on how you'll use the slab, so be sure to let them know it's for a fire pit.

A concrete delivery service may make your batch of concrete at the factory and start mixing it before the truck leaves. The mixer truck keeps the mixture moving so it won't harden until you use it. Some mixer trucks just carry the ingredients and then start mixing the contents once they're at your property.

Pour And Spread The Concrete

The concrete delivery service delivers the concrete and pours it right where you need it. You'll need to be ready to start work spreading the concrete and making the slab. Once the mixing stops, the concrete begins to get stiff and hard. You'll have a limited amount of time to get the slab level and in position to cure.

You may want to rough up the surface of the concrete before it hardens to give the slab a little texture so the concrete won't be slick when it's wet. 

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